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Yamaha Keyboard

Think Yamaha!

After months of shopping we finally decided on a Yamaha. We went through all the proper channels. We asked friends and family, checked on Craig’s List, even went to pawn shops and music stores. Our little guy is in an after school program and it’s at least a year commitment. He has to practice at home. The teacher said she prefers it to be 88 keys because that is what they practice on at school. These keyboards are NOT cheap let me tell you. We found this Yamaha 88 key piano style electric keyboard at Sam’s club. This was a package deal complete with keyboard, stand, pedal and bench. He was so happy! He’s been practicing every day and longer too! All the kids love it. I can’t seem to find a plug for a pair of headphones yet! lol

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  • Lenasledge

    Nice keyboard, I remember buying one for our family and it wasn’t cheap way back then, I can imagine how much they are now.

    • http://pamelamkramer.com/ pamelamkramer

      Thanks! We actually have a Casio that has been around for 15 years. The end keys didn’t work and there was one missing but it still plays. lol – The kids still play on it.

  • http://profiles.google.com/sassydesigns1 Stacy

    Those aren’t cheap – but definitely last a long time (the hubby has one from *years* ago) and worth it – especially since he’s practicing every day! :) Check Amazon for a plug and headphones – they can have some great deals on stuff like that. :)

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  • Twisted Cinderella
  • angie

    Good to know. We are thinking of getting a keyboard too!

  • forgotten compass

    Nice! I am trying to learn the violin. Music is so much fun :) Thanks for sharing. Stop by my site and say hello if you’ve got the time :)

  • http://2dayswoman.com/ Raquel

    Wow, this looks amazing!! Your little guy looks pretty pleased and happy :-) Happy Wednesday and thanks so much for the Blog Hop, I look forward checking out the other amazing blogs 😉