White Trash Candy Recipe

During the holidays my family loves to make sweet treats. One of our top favorites is called “White Trash” or “Trash” for short. My Mother has since renamed it “Sweet Trash.” The name could use an overhaul but these sweet treats are crazy addictive! You can’t eat just one of these. You can try but they are like Pringles or is it Ruffles? No one can eat just one, no one can, we can’t! Sorry I went off into the land of jingles. *Side note* I knew I had this wrong so I took the time to open another tab and Googled the jingle. It’s actually Lay’s potato chips. You’re welcome, I knew that would bug me you. :)  Back to my story.

One day while consuming this yummy badness, (because you know it’s totally unhealthy) I began to wonder if that name is something they came up with here in the South or is “White Trash” used all around the world. Without delay I picked up my iPhone, took a photo and put it out to my trusty followers on my Instagram and my Fan Page because surely they would know. I have some really savvy followers and if you think you would make a great addition by all means please follow and like to connect with me. What would the verdict be? Did I mention I threw out a prize offer? Yeah, I did that too.

“Name this Holiday treat! I know what my family calls it but I want to know if this name is universal or are they just being Texan! You can’t stop eating this stuff. You know what it’s like! Lol – I will pick a random winner for a prize. You just have to have the right answer. Ready? Go! – oh and my family can’t play because you all already know the answer. Hint – one word, starts with a T.” – Pamela M. Kramer


White Trash Candy

And there you have it folks from Texas to New Jersey it’s called “White Trash.” My winner from A Renaissance Woman is Amanda Evans. Lori Sica is my winner on my Instagram! Congratulations to you both. I will be emailing you ladies with your prizes. Thank you for playing along. Would you like the recipe? No problem.

White Trash {The Recipe}


How to make White Trash

1 roll of wax paper

1 cup of white almond bark

1 cup of miniature marshmallows

1 cup of small broken pretzel sticks

1 cup of corn chex

1 cup of Rice Krispies

1 cup of salted peanuts

Tear off sheet of wax paper and lay on a flat surface (counter, table, whatever)

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl

Microwave white almond bark for 2 minutes and stir, melt another minute – just make sure it gets melted. Microwaves may vary.

Add 1/2 of the dry ingredients to the melted almond bark and stir.

Add the remaining half of dry ingredients and stir again. Grandma says, “Mix it real good!”

With a teaspoon you scoop it out and drop it on the wax paper. It doesn’t take long for the chocolate to harden.

You can eat it right away, put it in a container or freeze it.

This recipe makes about 48 White Trash drops. This is a guesstimate! Good Luck and try not to eat it as you make it.