When Losing Weight Gets Weird – 5 Fingers of Thanks

5 Fingers1.) Thankful for all the support for Beast Wars. The video coverage of the Crossfit competition turned out incredible and the photos were amazing. Crossfit is one of those types of sports where you become immune to photos. You will get caught no matter what, so you might as well be you. There will be sweat, there will be squishy grunt faces and who knows what else! I’m no where near the league of some of the competitors but I did participate so I’m cool with that. I can check it off my bucket list. Out of all that Joanna another Texas Blogger came out to the gym on Saturday to try her first work out. I don’t think it was like anything she expected. A full body work out in such a limited amount oCrossfit Unity New Folksf time.

2.) It’s race time. My feet aren’t 100% yet but they are really close. Looks like I will have a Monster Dash 5K, Turkey Trot 10K and The Color Run 5K in December. That should be a fun way to finish the year out. I really need to get on that training! My son wants to run this weekend in the Goblin Run. I’m glad that my commitment to fitness is rubbing off on my kids.

3.) Apparently I am losing weight. Since the beginning of the year it’s about 20 pounds. It’s pretty darn noticeable. I was at a family event and they all kept telling me how great I looked and how much weight I have lost. Now this is nice and it comes from a good place it just made me feel weird. To me, this is the body I had 12 years ago. I had been carrying all that weight for a long time in between having three kids. I always knew that I was in here. I’ve just been trying to get out for the last 3 years. I still have about 20 more pounds to go but I’m happy that it’s finally happening for me.

4.) There is only one more week of the Paleo challenge and I’m super thankful for that. Honestly I think I ate better when I wasn’t on Paleo. Now that I am not supposed to eat this and that well, all I want to do is eat this and that. I haven’t been strict like the first time. It’s been really hard! Especially now that my son is selling boxes of chocolate bars for the school. Seriously? It’s a freaking conspiracy. Over the weekend we went to a volunteer appreciation dinner and I was really good! It was hard but I stuck with it as much as possible. I even got to wear my “skinny” jeans and my new red Chucks out. I’m only down maybe 5 pounds. I’m not sure because I don’t weigh in until tomorrow morning.

5.) Thankful that it’s the beginning of the month and our envelopes are full again! We are on the Dave Ramsey plan folks. It’s been 3 years and we are still chugging along on baby step #6, pay off the house! It’s been such a long road and worth every bit of it for the peace of mind that comes along with the plan. It’s been life changing. I really believe that good things are in store for our family. I’m not sure how but my husband and I work hard every day. Do what you love and the money will follow goes the saying.

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