What pet Christmas gifts are you getting?

Golden Retriever with dog treats

This is our nearly two year old puppy Sydnee. She ate three blankets until I figured out she was out of her bones! I thought I would fix her wagon by getting her these monster chew bones. Who could pass up the candy cane raw hide bone? She’s nearly done with it! In one day she has it almost gone. I’m sure she is passed out somewhere by now. Her jaw has to be tired don’t you think? What pet Christmas gifts are you indulging in this holiday season?

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  • http://twitter.com/poshonabudget Posh on a Budget

    Half the fun of that large bone is watching them try to maneuver with it :)


    • http://pamelamkramer.com/ pamelamkramer

      Oh she has it down! Let me tell you.

  • Julie Maloney

    My dog has his own stocking and I let the kids go to PetSmart to fill it :)

    • http://pamelamkramer.com/ pamelamkramer

      Ah you are awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/brandyellen Brandy

    Aw i love it, probably should get my pug a Stocking this year…

    • http://pamelamkramer.com/ pamelamkramer

      Yes you should!