We All Need a Good Coach

A good coach Shaun McCrary Galveston Crossfit

If I take more steps I will see progress, at least that is what the fitness graphs from last week showed me. My friend Jack called me out to meet him for a Galveston Crossfit work out. My muscle still wasn’t 100% but I knew that a good coach Shaun McCrary would be there to provide support and knowledge. He has always been someone that looks out for my best interest. If I am doing something wrong he calls me out immediately! It’s not because he is picking on me but instead to show me a better way. He does not want me to get hurt. No coach does, but a good coach knows when to push, when to correct and when to inspire. It’s up to me to make the change he is asking because if I don’t then I’m on the road to injury.

It had been a month since I have been inside a gym and I was the last one to finish the work out. Yes, I showed up and I made it through without a near death experience. Yes, I felt sick and disappointed and frustrated! He quickly reminded me that during my time off I learned a lot from the mobility work shop online. It’s not as though all this time had been wasted. And that my friends is what a good coach does! I left there with hope and motivation and with that feeling of accomplishment. Thanks coach!

We all need a good coach no matter what we are doing! Have you ever used a business coach? I have used Earl Gray as my business coach and he helps me stay on track. He provides motivation, education and holds me accountable to follow through. You see a good coach is needed for all sorts of areas in your life.

The day before the Boston Marathon bombings both of our boys completed the Houston Kids Triathlon. You know what they had? That’s right, a good coach! He has completed all sorts of running races and the Iron Man. In fact he is scheduled to complete one in September and there will be a live feed at the finish line. He comes with years of experience and that is just what these kids needed.

We don’t all have access to coaches but we do have online support groups like Mamavation where encouragement and inspiration is vital to success! I would like to say thank you ladies for all your help over these past years. It’s been one wild ride.

Workouts – Lots of walking and one Crossfit workout.

Scale Reading– 162 Boo! Not surprising when you slip and bury your face in pizza and turtle cheesecake ice cream. Ugh! However I still have a few days left in April so I’m hopeful to get that number back down.

Stress Level – Much better I’m really close to being pain free.

The UP side– I can’t wait to try out this lose 12 inches with 12 work outs.

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Be a good role model.
A special reminder for us all…
Triathlon Coach Robert Key with my Boy Genius and T-Rex.

A Good Coach Robert Key Houston Kids Triathlon

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  • The long term goal 18 pounds by the end of the year. Goal weight 140.
  • The short term goal lose 1 – 2 lbs. per month.
    • January 158 – 159 = +1 pound gain
    • February 159 – 158 = -1 pound loss
    • March 158 – 162 = + 4 pounds
    • April 162 –
  • Sarah Maseto

    I was going to comment about how it’s great to have a good coach that you can trust, but then I got sidetracked by the words, “turtle cheesecake ice cream.” What?? That sounds amazing!!!

    • http://pamelamkramer.com/ pamelamkramer

      Oh Sarah it’s like Cr*ack I tell you! Bluebell ice cream made this flavor and I told my husband to never purchase it again. It’s amazing! It’s going to get us all into trouble. I can’t even begin to do it justice. I mean it has some crazy flavors in this one!

  • jackie

    So true about needing a good coach. I definitely think that’s the reason I’ve kept at my bootcamp sessions. My coaches there are wonderful. They correct me or push me when I need it, and are always very positive and motivating. I’m getting a running coach this week, so I’m hoping that goes well too.

    • http://pamelamkramer.com/ pamelamkramer

      Oh Jackie that is awesome! I enjoyed my running coach. It was a boot camp but I still enjoyed it. Wish I had more time with him. I’m glad you are enjoying boot camp. I think that is half the battle right there. It’s finding the movement you don’t mind doing! lol – Have a great weekend and thank you for taking the time to comment.