Two Ways to Use Wordle and Rapid Fire Images is a fun tool that generates word clouds from urls or words that you provide. In this case I used the CrossFit Tidal Wave url. The tool allows you to change the flow of the text pattern, colors and styles of fonts and allows for embedding. Here are two ways to use Wordle for your next project. The purpose of creating this particular word cloud was to provide a visual for a CrossFit dictionary of terms that I was working on.

Crossfit tidal wave crossfit dictionary of terms

CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston, Texas posts their workouts every day. If you have ever read a “wod” aka workout of the day there are a lot of abbreviations and acronyms used. In order to help users understand these I put together a post listing those that are most commonly used. These word clouds can be a lot of fun. Plug in your site and see what you get!

For a video project I used this image as the custom thumbnail. Strength Coach Shaun McCrary and co-owner of CrossFit Tidal Wave spends a lot of time capturing images of members and their movements for each workout. He uses the rapid fire method which captures many images within a second.

I’m doing a bit of photo editing for them on the back end and we share these images selecting the ones that best fit for the website and social media. We use dropbox as our method of sharing. While clicking forward through the files I began noticing these patterns. Some of the images do not work well as stand alone images for one reason or another but how well would they work in video format?

After dropping the images in sequence I was able to create a short film of the members. Have a look at let me know what you think in the comments!