The Perfect Group Warrior Yoga Pose

We are nearly half way through the 30 Day Squat Challenge now. You can still cheer us on using the hashtag #squatober. You can find more challenges here on my Challenges Pinterest board. Fitcation is over and we worked hard and played hard. We walked a lot according to my Fitbit. I totaled over 80,000 steps this past week and lots of flights of stairs. While we were out kayaking we stopped at the beach and these awesome ladies joined me for Day 12 which was 40 squats.

Scale Reading- 171 – 1 pound down from last week.
Stress Level- A bit before Fitcation but relaxed during our time but then back to high gear after arriving.
The UP side- I got to be just me for a few days if only once a year it’s a great recharger.

Workouts -
Tuesday – Taebo, 50 squats
Wednesday – TRX, 45 squats
Thursday – flight, lots of walking, rest squats
Friday – Outdoor boot camp, 120 squats

Group Warrior Yoga Pose

Group Warrior Yoga Pose by @PamelaMKramer

Visiting the beautiful city of Cambria, California.
Saturday – Yoga, 40 squats
Sunday – flight, lots of walking, skipped squats – oops
Monday – 125 Squats

Be a good role model. A special reminder for us all…
Remember, It Starts With You!

 Outdoor bootcamp at Fitcation led by Coach Erin with Power Fitness PDX.

Need more fitness support? Join the “Sistahood”. More great resources: The Y, Crossfit Training, Vitamins for your age group,
  • The long term goal 18 pounds by the end of the year. Goal weight 140.
  • The short term goal lose 1 – 2 lbs. per month.
    • January 158 – 159 = +1 pound gain
    • February 159 – 158 = -1 pound loss
    • March 158 – 162 = + 4 pounds
    • April 162 – 162 = 0 progress
    • May 160 – 165 = + 5 pound gain
    • June 161 – 166 = + 5 pound gain
    • July 166 – 172 = + 6 pound gain
    • August 176 – 175 = -1 pound loss
    • September 182 – 173 = 9 pound loss
    • October 172 -
      @PamelaMKramer Mamavation Sista




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      Well thank you so much Amanda. I’m trying. I just let the beginning of the year get away from me. In my mind I’m so much thinner than what I see in all these photos taken this past weekend. lol

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