Two steps forward three steps back

Isn’t that a Paula Abdul song or at least the lyrics, two steps forward three steps back? So basically it was my sacrum this time and now the pain just won’t go away! I’m functioning with an ice pack. I’m icing several times a day and while I sit and drive and that seems to be helping. I just freeze the pain away. lol – Do what you got to do. I can’t seem to pinpoint want I’m doing to cause all these problems.

Do you know Kelly Starrett? He’s become the King of Mobility! He has a mobility series on You Tube and I wish that I would have stuck with it because I might not be where I am now. Lucky for me he made a two day workshop on Creative about maintaining your body. It started with Google Talks, he was invited to speak to the employees of Google. I STRONGLY recommend you watch this if you have a desk job of any kind. Especially bloggers! We tend to write and research and sit and sit so if you have time check this out. It’s great for tips on posture and what sitting does to your back and hips and even if you have a standing desk there are mistakes we make.

The two day workshop that Kelly Starrett did on Creative Live was free at the time but now it costs but to me it’s worth the money. I’m going back to basic body mechanics to find out what I am doing wrong to cause all these issues that I am having. I wish I would have went through these series of tests before I began Crossfit or even running. There is a ton of useful information and I can’t wait to start using what I’m learning. I’ll be back on the work out circuit again but I need to work on the basics. I’m really happy with this decision.

Maintaining Your Body course by Kelly Starrett
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Workouts this week NOTHING. I can’t do anything until this pain is gone.

Scale Reading– I have NO idea because my scale broke so I bought one of these! It’s a Fitbit Aria scale.
Aria Scale by Fitbit on
Stress Level – pretty darn high!
The UP side– I’m working on educating myself on body mechanics and knowledge is power. I’m hoping to make some real changes. badge
Be a good role model.
A special reminder for us all…

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  • The long term goal 18 pounds by the end of the year. Goal weight 140.
  • The short term goal lose 1 – 2 lbs. per month.
    • January 158 – 159 = +1 pound gain
    • February 159 – 158 = -1 pound loss
    • March 158 – 162 = + 4 pounds
    • April 162 –