Top 6 Gifts Your Wife Will Love for Valentine’s Day

What is he going to get me this year? Husbands, husbands step right up! Listen carefully as I speak my words of wisdom. The wisdom that comes with fifteen years of marriage just in case you need credentials. I have provided a simple list of gifts your wife will love for Valentine’s Day! When I was much younger and foolish I too was wrapped up in the hoopla of Valentine’s Day! Flowers, a box of chocolates, jewelry, cute stuffed animal with an amazing card he picked out himself? The gift equals how much he really thinks about me on this particular day of the year! Because if I don’t get anything or something not on that list he must not care about me. GAK!

Dave Ramsey with The Texas Kramers

Fast forward fifteen years and year number four on Dave Ramsey‘s Financial Peace University. By the way the Financial Peace plan strips the emotion out of your purchases. I strongly recommend the program. Now I can’t think of any holiday without weighing the consequences of the expense.

My gift from me to you gentlemen!

This doesn’t cost you a dime other than maybe water, gas and grocery money. It’s already built in to your monthly expenses. How’s that for looking out for your wallet? Your welcome. :)

Drum roll please….think David Letterman if you want.

Here are today’s/tonight’s Top 6 Gifts Your Wife Will Love for Valentine’s Day!

1.) Put the laundry away.  That’s right! Does your wife complain about laundry? Maybe she does load after load and even gets to the folding but it’s piled up on the couch. Does that happen in your house? Put it AWAY for her! Rally those kids and make them help you if you don’t know where it all goes. I promise you, they know. WAIT you don’t have this problem at your house? Your wife gets it all put away? Lucky duck! Move on to number two on the list.

2.) Put the kids to bed. Yes please! How about you take care of the bath time routine, make sure they get their pj’s on, brush their teeth, read the stories and put the diapers on (if needed). I bet they don’t give you a lot of bed time hassle. Example: Can I just get a drink of water? Can we just have one more story? Can I have 5 more minutes? UGH, you do it! Your wife will be so happy! WAIT you don’t have this issue at your house? You have angles that do all this themselves, lucky duck! You don’t have kids? Move on to number three.

3.) You make dinner. That’s right! Cook what you know. What? You don’t know how to cook anything? OK, that’s ok I’ve got your back. Here is a Paleo (that’s healthier food options) Pin board full of recipes and if you don’t like that one you can search and you will find tons of others. I even have some healthy food bloggers you can search. You can Google recipes! I promise they are not hard to find. You’re not computer savvy? OK call your Mom! Call her Mom! Call her best friend. Use your resources and get it done. Make sure there are side dishes too, don’t just serve meat and call it good! At least get a salad, they do sell them ready to serve in a bag. You got this! What? All you have is hot dogs? Please move on to number four.

4.) Make her a bubble bath. Uh huh! A simple hot bath filled with bubbles, put a towel out for her and set a magazine or a book on the side and if you really want to get fancy, park a glass of wine there too. Keep those kids from banging on the door while she’s in there! Lock the door and put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door. What!? You don’t have a bathtub in your house? OK no problem move on to number five.

5.) Leave for an hour with the kids. Pack those attention suckers in the car and remove them from the home for one hour. That’s right give your lovely lady an hour to decompress from all the demands of those attention seeking suckers! Give her a moment of quiet! Just leave the house. Where can you take them? Barnes and Noble! Take them to the kids section and park yourself with a cup of coffee and let them read or play with the train table. What? No Barnes and Nobles near by? Take them to your city library! What now? You don’t have gas? Seriously? Move on to number six.

6.) Let her sleep in the morning and you take care of the kid’s morning routine. You heard me right! Get those little buggers up and get them ready for school, take care of breakfast, lunches and make sure everything is signed in the back packs and you drop them off to school! Happy Valentine’s Day honey, oh yea! You are the Valentine’s Day champion of the world! You should get an award. Wait, you don’t have to get the kids to school? Your kids are home schooled? Well then be the teacher! Oh you have to go to work? Hmmm then see numbers one through five.

And there you have it husbands of the world. It really is that simple! Take something heavy off her plate for that day and you will be the HERO! And yes, you “Have time for that!”

Ladies? Is there more to add? Leave it in the comments below!

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  • TheChattyMom

    Oh I completely agree with this list! Especially with #5…an hour of peace and quiet is like gold to me personally. Plus it does give the kids “Daddy Time”. I love this and will be passing along your words of wisdom. Thank you! :)

    • pamelamkramer

      Oh thank you so much! What blogger doesn’t love to hear those words, “I love this and will be passing along your words of wisdom. Thank you!” Eeek you just made my day.

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