To Retire or Not To Retire? A Recent Topic of Conversation

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Worried about when to retire?

My Mother and I were just having this conversation yesterday evening. She is going to be 66 this year and everyone would like her to retire but she has a list of things to do before she does. There are all sorts of things that she wants to get fixed in her home. She would like to get a new vehicle and a few other things to prepare for life without a paycheck. We were discussing pension, social security, taxes and IRAs. There are so many ducks that she has to get in a row. It’s amazing to me that people are working well into their 70’s now. This brings me to you, my readers….

Are you planning for your retirement and do you think you will be working well into your 70’s?

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  • Hillsdalehomefront

    I’m planning for my retirement. However, I think I will do some type of work, even in my old age. I think it will keep life interesting.

  • Cheryl “Mash”

    In a way, I retired approx 15 yrs ago when I became 100% disabled. However, my husband is hoping to retire in 4 years when he is 60.

  • Stacy Uncorked

    I haven’t even thought of retirement, particularly since deciding to leave Corporate America when Princess Nagger was born – I started my own business working from home, and after we move back to Washington State I plan to open a brick-and-mortar Wine & Gift shop… I imagine I’ll be working into my 70’s since it’ll be a passion vs. a drudgery. :)

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  • TheAngelForever

    It is really hard to think about retirement, when the here and now is so challenging. There are days when I really wish someone else would make a lot of the adult decisions for me.

  • Melissa Rheinlander

    I tease and say I am in early retirement now… but I am a stay at home mom! I know that my husband and I have talked about setting up a retirement fund.

  • harrietb

    Ever since I lost my parents, I’ve thought and planned more. It seems that most people I know retire from one job to go into something else these days.

  • Catherine L.

    I’m planning, but the way things are going in this country I’ll probably be working longer than I thought I would.

  • JamericanSpice

    I would love to see retirement butat the rate things are going I’ll probably be working to the grave.

  • Xmasdolly

    I had to do a forced retirement at an early age because I’m on a medical disability. I have Spinal Stenosis and I cannot get around like I use too, but I do work out of my house as a transcriptionist.

  • Cathi

    Retirement now days is a very scary thing. We’re at the jumping in to retirement spot and can’t believe the things we’re learning.