The Smile Booth at IKEA Houston

Smile Booth at IKEA Houston

The writing prompt I chose from this week’s choices provided by Mama Kat is lucky number 5!  What made you laugh this week? The Smile Booth at IKEA Houston had me cracking up! Karen A. Nelson and Elizabeth Jewell were on hand for a good laugh. We were there to attend an organizing work shop. There will be posts coming soon about Saturday’s big adventure. I learned a lot and there are so many tips to share with you about organization. There is a space in IKEA dedicated to taking photos and it’s open to all customers. The host gives you this clicker and you can take as many photos as you like just by pushing the button. Afterward you can send them via email, text message, Twitter or Facebook. Look for it the next time you are shopping at IKEA.

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  • Russ Bastille

    Looking forward to more pictures.

    • pamelamkramer

      Thanks Russ!

  • OneDay/JC

    Fun filled! I didn’t know they had those at Ikea. Fun filled. :) Happy WW!

    • pamelamkramer

      I didn’t know either. One of the presenters came and got us and told us where to go. We had a lot of fun goofing off as you can see. lol

  • shauna nosler

    Photo booths are the best – btw, is this wordpress? Love how “clean” your layout is! Saying hi through the Wordless Weds … yes, I’m a day late … stop by if you have the time!

    • pamelamkramer

      It sure is! Well it’s theme forest. thank you so much. I’m thinking about some upgrades! I will be stopping by soon!