The New YouTube One Channel Art and Features

Have you seen the new YouTube One Channel design? Over the past few days I have been mapping out a system for feeds. Part of that system involved updating the sharing settings on YouTube. Once I was logged in there was a prompt asking me to upgrade to the new YouTube One Channel settings.

Meet-Channel-One @pamelamkramer #SocialMedia #HowToTips There do not seem to be enough hours in the day to handle my to do list and redesigning a YouTube channel. However my curiosity got the best of me because I was eager to see all the new features!

YouTube One Channel Features <—-Tweet This!

YouTube One Channel Art for @DWYDiM #interiordesign

First, the dimensions for the new channel art is even more than the new Google plus cover pages. Those cover page dimensions are 2120 * 1192px and that is the biggest on social media to date. The new size for channel art is 2560 * 1440px. You will have to get creative because your art work is going to be managed over three different screens. As you can see above it will have a desktop, tv and mobile screen version. The template is tricky but here is a link to the channel art specs for you to work with when creating your own.

For Design With Your Dime in Mind we used a Facebook Fan Page cover to see how we could work with the new dimensions.  The super heroes that work with graphics on a more professional basis will be blowing us away with new art work soon. It’s going to be interesting to see how these new dimensions will be transformed for different brands. Now that we have covered the art work let me show you some of the new features.

The New YouTube One Channel Art and Features for @XFitTidalWave #CrossfitOn the top left your personal profile image will match your Google plus personal account. The image here had to be changed but the profile had not updated yet when the screen shot was taken. A new photo of the building was taken after this business got their new logo details on the doors. That photograph was a perfect fit for the new art guidelines. There isn’t a screen shot shown here but the transition from desktop, to tv and then mobile phone was nice. The arrow on your upper right shows the limitation of one url over your art work and four connected social media icons. You can list more of each and they will display when a user clicks on the “About” tab. That section will display your summary, urls, your favorite channels and channels you are subscribed to.

The next feature that dazzled me is the “trailer” for users who have not yet subscribed to your channel. What this feature does is give the account owner the opportunity to make a small commercial for their channel. You can record a video to tell people about what they will see and why they should become a subscriber. Neither of these businesses have a trailer yet and for now the trailer feature is set to the highest viewed video. In the case of CrossFit Tidal Wave it’s the second highest viewed video that is set as the trailer.

There is an option to add your image or logo to your videos and you have the option to select the location on the screen and choose if you want that to appear the entire video. The other option allows you to have a video selected as a preview for the last 10 seconds of the video that a user is watching. In that selection the highest viewed video was chosen.

What do you think of the new changes? Have you seen them yet? Hopefully this article has given you some how to tips for your new look on YouTube. Here is a link to my channel if you are curious to see what I did with my YouTube One Channel. Remember, bigger is better according to the size dimensions from Google. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below or use the contact link at the top to reach via email. Good luck!

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  • Lisa Newlin

    I had no idea you could have channels on You Tube! I’m so behind the times on all this stuff. I barely know what You Tube is. However, it’s nice to know there are options other than searching for videos of guys getting hit in the balls by kids. :-)

    • PamelaMKramer

      Lisa if you have a gmail you can have everything Google. It’s pretty awesome. I love your blog and I would venture to say that you would be pretty funny! Your writing style would probably carry over pretty well. Let me know if you have any questions! I’m here to help. :)