Spring Break for Kids

It’s Spring Break for kids around here and we didn’t plan a thing! All extra activities are taking the week off. We get to do anything we want as long as it doesn’t cost extra funds or involve any time off of work. No big plans this week for Spring Break!

Spring Break for Kids (Spin Class)

On that note, my son here also known as “Boy Genius” has become to old to sit in the child watch area at our local YMCA. Now he gets to participate in group classes with dear old Mom! That’s right, we get to work out together this week. Today we hit a spin class and went for a 20 mile ride. I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into when he agreed. I’m doing my part and living my philosophy “If you want to raise fit kids you have to practice fitness yourself!” Our legs are going to be jello tomorrow! No worries we are going to be hitting the pool for laps. My boys have to get ready for their upcoming Kid’s Triathlon. Happy Spring Break everyone! What’s on your agenda if you are having Spring Break for kids in your area?

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  1. TaMara says

    I’m impressed with getting him to join you for your spin class. Every now and again my son will join me at the Y to workout.

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