Roller Skating is Great Exercise

Our library reading program gives out prizes each time the kids turn in their lists of books they have read. We used our roller skating passes today. Our Silly couldn’t wait to get all dressed up! This little dance costume gets a lot of use. I’m so glad that they give out prizes that allow kids to get exercise.

Roller skating is great exercise for my kiddos!

Roller Skate on

Looks like big brother “Boy Genius” has figured out his little sister is a “chic magnet.” Those are his words, not mine! All the girl tweens thought he was so cute skating with his little sister. Oh boy! And so it begins…

For this instagram video I used a black and white filter to share their lap around the roller rink. I really enjoy the effect, what do you think?

It’s new!

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  • kewkew

    I just love the effect of that photo. The chic magnet comment is too funny. Watch out!

  • Erika Price

    I’m very impressed that your kids don’t need knee pads, shoulder pads and helmets like I do…..! Or perhaps it’s just that I’m a total liability on roller skates!!!

  • Tammi Roy

    Ahhh, it’s been 15 years since I went roller skating! Loved it, I should go again, fun times!



  • Greta

    Great pictures! We’ve gone roller skating a couple of times in the last year, after not having gone in a looong time, and it is such good exercise. Hello, sore thighs!!

  • Lynn@Southern Direction

    Cute pic. I love the tutu! What a good big brother! Thanks for sharing.

  • angie

    Brings back memories of my love of rollerskating in like 6th grade. I wonder if I could still do it without seriously injuring myself???? :)

  • Lydia R

    I love her outfit. I would totally rock that, myself (even at this age!). LOL.