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Mammograms, testing for breast cancer

On behalf of Barbells for Boobs, I wanted to personally CONGRATULATE you for your amazing fundraising efforts in raising more than $80 to support our cause!

We are proud to tell you that you are now an official member of the Barbells for Boobs Support Team and your efforts have already provided enough funding to support at least ONE MAMMOGRAM service for someone in need.

To thank you for this support we would like to send you an exclusive Barbells for Boobs Support Team t-shirt (provided by Reebok). These are not available for purchase and can only be earned through successful fundraising efforts like yours.

Grace WOD earned


Your passion and commitment to the cause is making a big difference in the fight against breast cancer. Funding for our Mammograms In Action Grant Program is vital and will allow more women and men access to the screening services they need for prevention against this disease.

Please keep up the good work and continue to help share our voice – tell your family and friends about our cause and encourage them to be proactive in the fight against breast cancer.

Every man and woman deserves the opportunity to be screened for breast cancer.  Our mission is possible, our message is simple: SAVE A PAIR. SAVE A LIFE.

Thank you again for your support and wear your new Barbells for Boobs Support Team t-shirt with pride!

Warm Regards,
Zionna Munoz
Founder / CEO
Barbells for Boobs


How cool is that? Special thanks to House of Alice Rose and Sarah Maseto for helping me pass my fundraising goal! The Grace WOD is no joke. It is 30 clean and jerks for time. The prescribed weight for women is 95 pounds. Today I went with 45 pounds to clean and jerk but I felt like my form was really good. The bar popped my nose on the way down and then popped my chin causing me to bite my tongue on the way up. That is what you call keeping the bar to close to your body. It happens! My time 5 minutes 21 seconds.

Grace Crossfit WOD

After the work out was over I stuck around to try more weight on the bar. The first increase was by twenty pounds and I was able to get in a few reps so I added 20 more, then 10 more and now the weight is 95 pounds. It was heavy but I just wanted 1 rep. I pulled but I couldn’t get the explosion after popping my hips. I dropped the bar and paced back and forth. Then I prayed a bit and then came the self talk. “You can do this.” Finally I got the clean, elbows were up and now all I needed was the press.  I lifted it over my head, locked out my arms and dropped the bar. I did it! Next up 1000m row for time. My time was 4 minutes 30 seconds what a day! Thanks for the support, thank you for the retweets, the likes and shares. What did you do this month to help spread the word about breast cancer awareness?