Putting up Christmas Decorations {2012}

We are taking full advantage of our Thanksgiving holiday and putting up Christmas decorations. That’s right! We are one of those families this year. OK truth be told our garage door is broken and my Mr. took out all our holiday stuff and it’s sitting out in the front. Rather than just let those boxes sit there I decided we should put out what we can.

Preparing for Christmas

We found some stockings to decorate. There was one for Dad and two for the dogs and once they were dry we put them over the fireplace with care. Then I fixed a wise man or two that had broken. Nothing a little glue can’t fix. Then the little girl continued to play with the baby Jesus. The turkey was thrown in for dinner I guess. My poor son. You know, when they are little they have no problem waking up with a smile on their face and ready to take on the day. As they hit puberty they wake up with a face like Ebenezer Scrooge. In order to fix this problem I just kept snapping pictures until he smiled. When he was young this was never an issue. This evening we moved on to baking cookies that they decorated all by themselves. I’m going to really enjoy the holidays. What about you? What photo are you sharing this week?

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  • http://frostedcomet.blogspot.com/ Simonette

    I wanted to share Christmas decoration photos.. but we still haven’t put them up! My father threw away the (plastic) Christmas tree when he realized that it wouldn’t stand anymore! time to buy.. but we still haven’t had the time to search for a new one. It’s almost December and my hands are itching for those decors! It’s nice you put up decors together with the whole family. :)

    • http://pamelamkramer.com/ pamelamkramer

      Thanks! It’s nice when the kids are little. When they get older they don’t want to do it any more.

  • http://erikaprice.co.uk/ Erika Price

    Love the photos! We don’t put up Christmas decorations in the UK until early December – can’t wait! http://www.erikaprice.co.uk/2012/11/wordless-wednesday-tat-kuang-si-bears.html

    • http://pamelamkramer.com/ pamelamkramer

      We don’t normally put them up this early! I have no idea what’s going on this year. lol

  • Liberty Hill

    Do you have the Christmas music playing too? That always sets the mood for the season in my house.

    • http://pamelamkramer.com/ pamelamkramer

      You know I do!!!!

  • Diana from Nanny2Mommy

    Tried to add your badge but the image isn’t showing upmformsome reason. But it is there. :/


    • http://pamelamkramer.com/ pamelamkramer

      I wonder what’s wrong???

  • Julie Maloney

    I’m going to be putting my decorations up ALL weekend. I didn’t realize just how much I had until I climbed into my attic. Great job!

    • http://pamelamkramer.com/ pamelamkramer

      You get to keep yours in the attic? Lucky! Mine are kept in a very crowded garage.