Pumpkins For Sale – 5 Fingers of Thanks

Family fun in the pumpkin patch
The pumpkins are here!

1.) I’m thankful that the pumpkins have finally arrived and are all set up for the pumpkin patch. This is such a fun tradition for the kids. Can you tell? Lots of families from all around come to take photos and pick out their pumpkins to carve. Our family took one of the first shifts to sell pumpkins. Soon to come will be the Fall festival, movie in the pumpkin patch and of course the trunk or treat.

2.) Thankful the week is over. I had a lot of things going on and this was one of the weeks when my husband has been traveling. I wasn’t feeling good at all.

3.) Not sure why it has taken so long but I have finally downloaded enough apps on my iPad to make it very useful! I’m actually blogging from it. Whoo Hoo! Maybe I don’t need a lap top afterall?

4.) Thankful parent’s night out is coming up! I could use some adult conversation and a few hours away from the kids.

5.) Thankful the paleo challenge is over! I was not nearly as strict as I was the first time around. I’m a little disappointed but am very aware of where my weaknesses are and it has nothing to do with good food. It has to do with moods and stess. Those are my serious triggers.

Until next week! Join me again for another week of blessings here on 5 Fingers of Thanks.

  • JamericanSpice

    I love the fall weather. And I too, can’t wait until it’s time for the visits to the pumpkin patch! Hope you enjoy mom night out!