Pinterest Pins Get Mapped {New Feature!}

Pinterest and Foursquare have teamed up to bring maps to your pins. The new feature allows you to search for places that have been added on Foursquare and map your pin. You can also select an image from photos that has been shared on Foursquare. Using you can follow along as I show you an example of how the new feature works.

Pinterest Pins Get Mapped {New Feature!} by @PamelaMKramer

What a great marketing feature for businesses! In this example I created a group board for Texas but you can create a board for any location. Fashion bloggers could create pins of their favorite places to shop. Food bloggers could map their favorite places to eat. Can you see the potential?

Watch here and let me know your thoughts on this new feature.

I like the idea but I can already see some things that need to be worked on. Example: I was searching for the Texas State Capital building in Austin, TX. Foursquare couldn’t find any other combination than Texas State Capital. If I used State Capital Austin, TX it couldn’t be found. Once I did find it and selected an image, that image was not linked to the state capital web page.

When I went outside of Pinterest and tried to pin directly from the Texas State Capital site, I had to map the image myself after bringing up The Best of Texas board.
1.) Click “Map It”
2.) You must type in “City, State” to find the location first.
3.) Once it is mapped and you click on the map it doesn’t give you that “More Information” option like it does in the video I showed you.
4.) You have to click through the image, the image will take you to a regular pin display and then you click the image to get to the website.

In my opinion that is way too much time clicking. Save yourself some time! If you know your going to map a place, map from inside the board.

Pinterest pins get mapped even in the app! Let me show you how it works from iPhone.

You get the option to map and create a board. There are three image options; internet, photo and places. I chose places and typed in Starbucks and ended up using my zip code because my location wouldn’t pull up correctly. The photo I took a while back was my super secret recipe for Starbucks rocket fuel. It was in options and that’s what I chose to pin to The Best of Texas board.

There you have it! Happy Pinning and let me know if you have any questions in the comments. What do you think about the new feature? Sound off!

Update: Pinterest has teamed up with more than just FourSquare – “We’ve partnered with a group of businesses that will automatically include location info on their Pins.  Pins from AirbnbAtlas, Jetsetter,OpenTableRoadtrippersStreetEasyTruliaUrbanSpoon and VirtualTourist will have places attached to their Pinterest content.”

For more details read the full post from Pinterest.

  • Michelle Nahom

    Great info as always, Pamela! Thank you! I’ve been reading a little about this, but I haven’t used Foursquare much!

    • PamelaMKramer

      Thank you! I think it’s pretty neat. I started using Foursquare when it came out and it’s fun but after a while I know where to check in for discounts. Payless Shoe Source is a good one because they always have a coupon to use. At Chili’s restaurant there is usually a free appetizer. Thank you for reading!