Photo Overload?

Photo Overload?

Delete…delete…delete… oh my! I’ve got photo overload all the time on my iPhone. I have a photo stream but it get’s filled up quickly and then there isn’t any memory left over to take another one! That leaves this lifestyle blogger in crisis mode. You would think that I might have a system developed as a back up. I’m working on some alternatives. For now there is the original image, then a watermarked copy and if it goes to Instagram there is a filtered image. Too much! What’s a girl to do? Dump it! Every now and then I just have to upload it to my computer for later sorting. Another option is using Drop Box, my phone is supposed to sync with Google Plus but it doesn’t always work. Facebook also syncs all my photos but I really should turn that off. I don’t always use my images on Facebook but if I do they have to be relevant because it’s on my personal account not my Fan Page. That feature would actually be more useful if it were on my Fan Page. So what do you do with your photo overload?

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  • Raychael Case

    I have the same problem too and my iPhone is less than a month old.

    • pamelamkramer

      Oh wow! You are in trouble. The iPhone is a LOT of fun. lol – I’m so glad I’m in good company.

  • David Williams

    Same problem, I DL to my computer and then go through and start removing. Not efficient at all. I really should look into a better workflow! πŸ˜€

    • pamelamkramer

      Whoo Hoo! You guys are the best. I’m so glad I’m not alone. You would think there would be an app for that. lol

  • Cathi

    Do we actually ever delete photos? NO! πŸ˜‰

    • pamelamkramer

      I love it!!! We need a support group. lol

  • Stacy Uncorked

    I actually have an auxiliary hard drive for all my fanatical picture taking – I transfer pictures from my cameras and my phone on a regular basis, but now I have *years* of images I probably should go through… πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for linking up Pamela! :)

    The 5-Dollar 100 Year Old Dragon

  • angie

    I’ve got photo overload, too. And I have a really hard time getting rid of them. I can’t get under 1000 photos on my phone.

  • Melissa Rheinlander

    I REALLY need to clean out the photos on my iPhone… there are over 7000 – yes I am a photo freak :)