Our Little Pink Princess This Week on Five Fingers of Thanks


Princess Silly

Happy Sunday it’s time for giving thanks everyone! What a week it has been and this weekend it was just me and the princess. She’s really too awesome for words but I’m going to give it a try any way.

1.) This week I am thankful for my little princess. She is showing off her new “Daddy Daughter Dance” shoes. She had a pair specifically for that dance she and her father went to back in June and she would wear them every day if she could. They finally broke so we had to get a replacement pair. She was pretty happy with her purchase once I got her past the character umbrellas, purses and hair accessories.

2.) We went to a birthday party over the weekend. She was probably the only kid that opted for veggies, fruit and water instead of juice and pizza! Really? I was totally shocked but inside I thought that was pretty cool that those were the choices that she was making. I’m really stressing the “princess” manners. She really likes that and it seems to click with her.

3.) My little princess is a swinging fashionista one minute and then she’s hanging from the monkey bars letting go and flying down using her dress as a parachute the next! She is too cool. Prim and proper one minute and full of fearless adventure the next. I might slightly be a proud mama. Just a little bit!

4.) I’m thankful for my Mother this weekend for helping me out during a pretty rough time this weekend. Some times we all still need our Mom’s don’t we? I’m lucky enough that my Mom is helpful in my times of need. I try not to make them to often but this was pretty necessary.

5.) Oh am I thankful for another fun parent’s night out! It’s always great to get together with friends to break bread or in this case break lasagna! I couldn’t finish it all but boy was it good and yes, very non paleo. I’m ok though! I haven’t seen lasagna in months.