The New Sprint Network Marketing Campaign

The new Sprint network marketing campaign is really well done and so smart. Today, a Sprint commercial got through my normal process of fast forwarding while watching my recorded shows. Every now and then a commercial will play before I frantically begin looking for the remote to push the fast forward button.

What caught my ear and made me watch? James Earl Jones! Oh yes, I’m a huge fan and chances are, you are too.

The commercial was about “Jenna’s Facebook Activity” which also grabbed my attention because I work online. This my friends is great marketing. I’m an AT&T customer but this commercial made me contemplate switching.

Immediately I began Googling this commercial to share this how to tip for marketing with you.

Sprint has a YouTube channel and there are more of these commercials with James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell. Here are six reasons why this was such an unexpected mix!

  1. James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell lending their voices.
  2. The classical genre as background music.
  3. The serious tone of the announcer’s introduction.
  4. The formal black tuxedo suits with bow ties.
  5. The clean black back drop with no distractions from the actors.
  6. The dialogue or script that relates to the audience.

It’s fantastic! Watch and listen to what they convey in a mere 31 seconds.

Do you hear the message?

Because everything you do on the new Sprint network is important. And in honor of all the important things you do, Sprint brings you One Up.

Sprint gets me! They understand my use of my phone and how important it is to my work, communicating with my family, working online, emails and so much more. How fantastic is that? A company that appears to not only understand my online needs but their product and service can meet that need without any limits. At least that is the message that they conveyed to me.

Why the focus on marketing? Simple, if you work online then you know the constant need for a marketing strategy for your product or service. As a blogger you want more readers and with each campaign you must build a marketing strategy. I’m going to be featuring more of these when they catch my attention to share with you.

My hope is that you will find the analysis useful and can apply a tip or two to your own business.

Have you seen the commercial before? What do you think of Sprint’s marketing strategy? Share with me in the comments.

  • Pola

    I have to admit I hardly watch TV anymore… But from time to time a cool campaign will catch my eye and this one looks like it’s a lot of fun. Not that it will make me switch, that would be too easy. 😉

    • PamelaMKramer

      True! Who is your service provider?