Paleo Challenge…Again!

General manager and Strength Coach Shaun McCrary of Crossfit Unity threw down the gauntlet again this year! It’s the 30 day Paleo challenge take 2. I did this in January and lost 12 pounds. I gained it back and lost more but it’s been a battle. That is one of the hardest challenges I have ever taken on. The things that happened to my body, my mind, the cravings it was like a drug addict going through withdraws. The first two weeks were just crazy but I wasn’t alone.

This time around it’s different. I’m going Paleo and leaving my family out of it. I’m around temptations all the time and I should be able to resist right? Not all the time.

September 10th was our beginning date. I started this challenge weighing in at 157 lbs. but I can’t remember what the 25 and 5 mean. That will require some research later. The first week was pretty easy as far as eating. I’m not cooking up anything new I’m relying on the smoothies and Paleo Pals from the Smoothie Shoppe to feed me.

At home I’m relying on eggs, nuts and sticking to my own Paleo meals. My son’s birthday was a few days later and I resisted the brownie cake that he wanted. I made his favorite dinner but I opted for my own Paleo style dinner. That was rough and then the weekend came and it was the Dallas bloggy bootcamp conference.

Discovery! When I stay up late or don’t get enough sleep I eat more. I crave the sugar and caffeine more. Shocking I know! I caved to Star Bucks and cheese, sausage and chocolate covered strawberries! Sunday I still couldn’t get on board, crackers!

Monday I was back on track and there were several people from our gym who had fallen off the wagon too so I wasn’t alone. So far so good and the weekend came again and I resisted this awesome cake and the wine! Then Sunday hit and we had been talking online about resisting chocolate and someone brought up Butterfinger (which I LOVE). My husband had bought me a small bag of bite sized ones and I said “HIDE” them! Give them to me in 30 days.

That same night my son came and sat right next to me at my desk!

Paleo Challenge Fighting ButterFingerI could smell that chocolate and he was driving me crazy. He thought it was funny but I didn’t think it was funny at all. I was trying to be strong. “You have 3 seconds to get away!” I said. He thought I was joking! Crossfit has made me stronger, faster and more agile. He should know this by now! He lost a bite of that candy bar and then some. I caved and it was good but then I felt bad because I wasn’t strong enough to resist. I was willing to tackle my own son for a candy bar. What kind of mother does that? A Mother on Paleo! That’s what kind.

But wait…there’s more. So feeling guilty I told my husband to grab him another from the store. He came back with a bag of Nestle crunch! Really?! It was ok because the bag was still closed. Then he sits down behind me at his desk.

Paleo Challenge Fighting Whoppers

Really?! You are killing me man! A carton of Whoppers? Oh the SABOTAGE. What kind of a support system is this I scream in my head. It’s not their fault I’m doing the Paleo Challenge. Nope not at all. Needless to say the next day I got into the bag of Nestle crunch and the Whoppers. :(

So you see this time around isn’t going so great but it’s reality. This is my life. These are the challenges I face. I was trying to be nice and not clean out the house again. Turns out maybe I should have. We will see as my world turns! All I can do is get back on the wagon. I am five pounds down even with a set back or two. I was seven but I gained it back again. Maybe the candy? Surely not two pounds worth. Who knows!  Be strong people.

The results are in Before and After the 30 Day Paleo Challenge.
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  • Emily @ Texas Life

    Wow! You’re a tough cookie. I’m not really sure that I would be up to task for the Paleo challenge. I’ve had success with WW in the past though. Good for you for embarking on this journey not once, but twice! You go, Mama! :)

    • pamelamkramer

      Wish I were straying less! lol – Thank you for the support.

  • Shelley Oswald

    OMG… that IS torture!! especially the carton of whoppers… but, sometimes, giving into small temptations prevent you from having an out and out SPLURGE day (week?) that you’d really regret. I’m gonna go with what Yum Yucky said that one time at band camp (ok, really mamavation TV) about recognizing all of the GOOD decisions instead of focusing on the slips. Also? you . are. amazing.

    • pamelamkramer

      Thanks Shelley! I’m trying not to focus on the slips but when they stand out like a sore thumb it’s hard not too. lol – Thanks for the support.

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