Molly Maid of Greater Clear Lake for Mother’s Day

Molly Maid of  Greater Clear Lake contacted me to see if I would like a house cleaning in exchange for an honest review letting my readers know about my experience.Yes, please! I’m more than happy to try out your cleaning services. What Mom doesn’t need a little help every now and then? It’s a perfect gift for Mother’s Day! What Mom wouldn’t want to kick up her feet and relax while someone else does the cleaning for a change?

We scheduled my cleaning for today and my window was between 8:30am – 9:30am. They arrived at 9am in their Molly Maid vehicle.

Molly Maid of Greater Clear Lake Who doesn’t know the Molly Maid vehicle? I have seen this car before in my own neighborhood. You know, you pass by it and wish that they were at your house cleaning.

Even though my husband and I scrambled to get some of our mess picked up before they came, there was just too much! These ladies were so professional in their uniforms with cleaning products in hand ready to get started. They asked me if there was anything specific that I wanted cleaned. In my head all I could think was, if it looks dirty clean it. I replied with, “Just do what you can!”

Molly Maid of Greater Clear Lake Cleaning Team

I’m really afraid to let her up these stairs because this is where the children reside! They didn’t pick up a thing as you can see in the before photos that I took. Yes, I’m giving you a real peak inside! Yes it’s embarrassing but I’m over it. This is the life of a busy family. They have chores to do but there are many days when homework and meetings take over the evening. The Molly Maid website has printable chore charts and I need to print these to help us all keep more on task with our cleaning habits. They have some helpful cleaning tips too that I wouldn’t mind reading over.

Molly Maid before and after upstairs 0513

Can you believe how much better this looks? What you don’t see is all the dusting that was done! They got all that kid sticky out of their rooms. Oh and…

Molly Maid of Greater Clear Lake Cleaning Team

she cleaned the baseboards and mud off the wall from our dogs! Oh the dogs, they get muddy from the rain and shake which leaves mud every where! They got all of it. Thank you. Their equipment doesn’t smell like a musty dog either. Our vacuum and shop vac smell like nothing but dogs!

Molly Maid before and after down stairs 0513

Doesn’t it look wonderful? I was happy as a clam for an entire thirty minutes before the rest of the family came home one by one and began to make their messes, again. It’s ok though! I know exactly what was cleaned and boy oh boy is it easy to spot something out of place now. What a gift! I love the smell, the clean rooms and the peace of mind knowing that all the deep cleaning is done.

Molly Maid of Greater Clear Lake Cleaning Team

These ladies rocked it! They are welcome at my home because trust me this was not an easy task. I know they had to be tired but they smiled and cleaned and just kept going until the job was done. They were kind enough to let me take a photo!

Molly Maid of Greater Clear Lake on FacebookWhen I went back inside I found this note on the table from Mimi and Isabel.

Meanwhile, these guys are waiting to come inside our clean home. Hah! not without a bath first.

Dogs waiting to come inside after Molly Maid

They have already been scratching to come inside. Thank you Molly Maid of Greater Clear Lake for making my day and week a little easier. You have given me the opportunity to share my experience and given me more time to spend with my family. My children are happy, my husband is happy and we can’t thank you enough. I’m not only putting this service as a Mother’s Day request but my birthday and Christmas too! Consider treating yourself or the busy cleaner in your life to a house cleaning. Visit the Molly Maid of Greater Clear Lake Facebook Fan Page to see their promotions.

Reasons to try Molly Maid of Greater Clear Lake

  • Get more time to spend the way you want!
  • They can do in a few hours what it can sometimes take all week for you to do.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your house has been cleaned from top to bottom.
  • They are a professional service with a company car and uniforms. No guess work here!
  • They truly care about customer service and want you to be 100% satisfied.

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  • Christy Maurer

    Ohh so lucky! I’d love to have someone clean my house :) Of course, with my teens, it won’t stay that way for long!

    • pamelamkramer

      Christy it was truly a blessing. I was just telling my husband the other day that it sure would be nice to have some help. I understand about the teens. You saw my son’s room right? lol Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Have a great weekend. I’m about to have a giveaway linky up if you need to add a giveaway or you would like to enter for some awesome prizes. :)