Meet and Greet with Chris Donnelly

We finally made it happen! Chris Donnelly put the call out July 16th

I thought it would be great to have he and Clare come out to my box Crossfit Unity in Seabrook!  Around September 1st he had said he wanted to come to Beast Wars. It’s is a crossfit competition that we were hosting to raise money for local animal rescue teams and shelters. In just 20 days he was here to compete with me. This would be my first competition and his second because he had just competed the weekend before. He got to stay in Quality Inn Suites an award winning hotel in Seabrook.

Karen A. Nelson owner of Design With Your Dime in Mind was kind enough to open her home to host a meet and greet. We invited local businesses supporting Chris such as Premier Sports Chiropractic, gym members and those that we thought would be inspired by his storIndependent Mamiy. Chris likes to cook so a few calls were made and Kroger and Mirassou winery were able to donate the ingredients needed for a cooking segment. We wanted to keep that part a small group and invited local Texas bloggers Independent Mami and Madame Maraposa. Chris was busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen. It was fantastic! Oh did it smell delicious. He started us out with a Caprese Salad and then we had the most amazing dish paired with our Pinot Noir wine. Interior Designer Karen A. Nelson hosts There are more photos and I will link up to those as soon as they are posted. You aren’t gonna believe what you see!














Other people began to arrive and we were prepared! The other guest arriving were eating chopped steak with onion and mushrooms, roasted cauliflower and broccoli with chopped red peppers catered by The Smoothie Shoppe . Owner Greg Williams and general manager/Crossfit Coach Dustin Babin were on hand to help deliver and serve. A special thank you to L&F Metals for helping us to feed our guests. Custom cake baker Christina Wedell made Chris a custom cake with three of his racing bibs. This was to symbolize his achievements and the journey that he is on. The cake turned out beautifully. After we ate I introduced Chris and told how we had met on Facebook and why what he is doing spoke to me personally. I do believe that you can try any type of fitness regardless of your size. Everyone has to start some where. I love to mix it up! Chris spoke to the group and told his story about his 150+ weight loss. He opened it up to the room to allow everyone to ask questions. He was very honest about his personal journey. Everyone there had a great time. Corporate/Personal Trainer Theo and Crossfit Coach Dustin Babin told us about their experience of how they got into the fitness industry and what it was like from their point of view. The evening went really well. I truly believe that we rolled out our little red carpet for Chris. Special thanks to Cabo in Clear Lake and Kemah Boardwalk for making Saturday evening restful for Chris after we compete! Tonight we rest because tomorrow we get our game on for the Crossfit competition Beast Wars! <—–click here to find out what we did!

  • Christina’s Cake Creations

    I just want to thank Pamela Kramer for putting this event together and everyone else who was involved. It was such a great event! I left there motivated more than ever thanks to Chris Donnelly and his Journey.
    I’m feeling so blessed to have been able to make a cake that represents some of his accomplishments. It was also nice to hear Theo and Dustin share their experiences. The food was amazing and I met tons of great people. Oh and Karen Nelson, your house was amazingly beautiful! It was really nice meeting everyone and can’t wait to see more of your “Journey” Chris Donnelly !!

  • Candy Olivares

    What a fantastic event! So glad I was able to follow along via Twitter! Your hard work paid off Pamela! Congratulations!

  • reneeakacutiebootycakes

    Looks like a wonderful event and congrats to Chris as he continues his journey to healthy living!

  • Colleen – amadisonmom

    What a fun event! I love that he did a little cooking segment with the bloggers.
    Hope the competition was awesome and that you were able to raise a lot of money for the animal shelters!

  • Dawn Mitchell Chace

    How exciting!

  • KatieAtLifeWithKatie

    This sounds like a fantastic event! Congratulations to Chris on his journey so far!

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  • JoAnna Kelley

    I had such a great time hearing about Chris’ story and meeting all these wonderful people that all share the same interest! Thank you again Pam!! :)

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  • Alba Garza

    Thank you so much for inviting me. I had a great time and I learned a lot. It was a wonderful event!