Macbook Pro aka “My Precious” iMovie Feature

MacBook Pro

My Macbook Pro has a name. That’s right, I call her Precious.  (Side note – You have to read the word Precious in your best Lord of The Rings Gollum voice.) If you aren’t familiar with the character Gollum, you can always search for him on You Tube. He’s a little obsessed, consider yourself warned.

After the Christmas holiday and a lot research I decided it was time to delve in the world of Macs. This slender and sleek Macbook Pro was my choice. It’s been a lot of fun having all my Apple products sync together. That is probably one of my favorite  features. The iPhoto software doesn’t knock my socks off. It’s good for light editing but most of the time I still have to turn to my Photoshop software on my PC or the delightful website Pic Monkey.

Yesterday I spent most of the evening using the iMovie software, which is the main reason I purchased a Mac. I do a lot of video editing. It took some time to get the hang of the commands but it was pretty easy since most of the features are standard. My project involved images only. Basically I made a fancier version of a slide slow for this project. Would you like to see what I created? I’m sure there will be many more opportunities to edit video footage. Without further adue here is the family room redesign by Houston Interior Designer Karen A. Nelson of Design With Your Dime in Mind. Enjoy!

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