Learning to Manage Your Daily Habits

How To Turn Your Mind into a Fat-Burning Machine

Want to know How To Turn Your Mind Into A Fat-Burning Machine? I did! Just finished up another book. I’m on a roll because last week I finished Jon Acuff’s The Quitter. Please don’t see this as an opportunity to begin spamming my blog with diet pills, shakes etc. Liz Schreiter’s book isn’t about diets it’s about learning how to manage your daily habits. It’s a great read with a lot of useful and relatable material. She has some really great ideas and tips that you can start right now. If you would like a copy you can email Liz Schreiter.Tell her Pamela M. Kramer sent you!

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  1. Raychael Case says

    I may need to read this. The last few kilos are rather attached to me and I’m guessing it is a definite case of mind of matter. Happy WW.

  2. Xmasdolly says

    Well, if all I had to do was to turn my mind into a fat-burning machine I would be skinny as a bean pole. I have Spinal Stenosis and cannot exercise the way people should. I’ve lost weight on a no white diet, but now I’m at a point where I need to exercise & here I sit :( I’m stopping by from Stacy’s Uncorked. Have a great day!

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