Soldiers in a Dollhouse

Every time our daughter wants her big brothers to play doll house they insist on playing it their way. What that means is that they go gather up their tanks and army men and there you have it, soldiers in a dollhouse. They go through the tedious task of setting everything up in its proper place. Basically she gets an entire army protecting her dollhouse family. I guess that is one way to get her older brothers to play dollhouse with her.

Soldiers in a dollhouse

How do your little ones play?

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Come out and play…

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  • JamericanSpice

    Well is there any other way to play dollhouse?:)
    The princess always need protection.

    My kids do play together, but I think the boy plays rough and the girl prefers playing with other girls. But they try to work it out.

    Happy weekend :)

  • TheAngelForever

    Love the protection for the doll house. My boys are fun to watch, especially with their LEGO figures. These days they are playing items from movies and shows like Doctor Who.