How To Balance Work and Fitness

Today as part of the summer a day photo challenge the word was shade. There I was on the track after a two mile run in the humidity and heat that is Houston, Texas. As this picture was being taken inside my head were the thousands of thoughts of things that needed to be done along with looming deadlines. How to balance it all has got me scratching my head and it occurred to me that there is a vicious cycle.

My joy and what I love to do has a lot to do with working online. This passion keeps me at a desk for many hours. In order to fight the health issues (lack of sleep, poor eating habits, awful posture and lack of exercise) I force myself to work out first. It doesn’t matter if it is running, walking, crossfit, circuit training, yoga you name it as along as I’m putting my fitness first I’m fighting the battle. The problem is time management working out doesn’t always come first. Some days there is just too many logistics.

This week has been just me caring for the kids and between writing, meetings and deadlines I feel out of balance. I’m working when I can as quickly as I can to meet all my obligations. If I don’t force myself out of this chair the health issues begin in that downward spiral up there in parenthesis. Which brings me to you my readers and fellow Aloha Friday party goers…

Seeking balance with @pamelamkramer for aloha friday

How do you find balance?

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  • TheAngelForever

    As we head into the summer with both of the kids home, the balancing act will be more of a challenge. Still, I am working on making time for me. If my family wants to go out for a nightly walk or work toward a 5K with me good, if not I’m still going to do it (if the rain will stop).

    • PamelaMKramer

      I love your attitude! I feel like it’s a battle just to get it all done. Every Mom knows there is a time crunch. Some days I have so many posts to write and you know as a blogger that can get time consuming. As much as I try to “schedule” a blog post it’s easy to get lost in mom duties. I wouldn’t trade either though. I guess I just need to roll with the flow a little better? lol – Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I’ll be over soon.

  • Cathi

    It’s different for me now as a grandparent. When I was young with kids at home it was all gogogo with PTA, School Site Council, Room Mom, Team Mom, Cub Scout leader, Sunday School teacher……
    Now we have the grandkids over and we stay our best to stay off-line. but they go home and we get back to work. You are a full-time mom. Before you know it you’ll sit back and wonder where the time went.
    All you can do is do the best you can do. Be happy with your best! Congratulate yourself and never compare yourself to others. Ever! xoxo