HGTV Bound – Wordless Wednesday

 Meet Houston Interior Designer Karen A. Nelson. She’s HGTV bound! That’s right she’s going on a casting call soon. They are in store for a treat. She’s really down to earth and is constantly cracking everyone up with her light hearted humor!  HGTV would be lucky to have her on board. She’s one of those people that is gifted with design talent. I don’t really understand how she does it I just know that she can. I have seen her in action before. This is a shot that I took while we were trying to get some photos to House of Alice Rose, owner Lidia had styled us for the evening. Karen was in rare form striking these poses! She’s a riot. How about you? Any funny friends in your neck of the woods?

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  • Jennifer {}

    How cool! That would be awesome if she booked! And if she DID, I would not be ashamed to ask her to make over my house. Just saying. 😉

  • AuntieE

    good for you.. be watching to see you.

  • Stacy

    She looks like she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with! :)

    Social Butterfly

  • Angie

    How exciting! Good luck to her!!!

  • Twisted Cinderella