Simple Rules For a Hashtag Definition

Now that Facebook has added hashtags for its users this is a great time to tackle the topic of a hashtag definition. I use hashtags often but I wanted to create my own. Here are a few things that I took into consideration when creating my own hashtag.

My first step was to think about branding. How do I want people to know me? What is my name recognition? PMK are my initials but it is also a company, and they already use the hashtag #PMK. My next choices became #ARenaissanceWoman (which is too long in my opinion) or the acronym for it, #ARW.

While searching Twitter for #ARW I found some users using it but it didn’t make sense to me how they were using it or what the hashtag meant. How do you find out what a hashtag means? During my research I found this site that is dedicated to defining hashtags,

Simple Rules For a Hashtag Definition by @PamelaMKramer on #ARW

5 Simple Rules for a Hashtag Definition.

Rule 1: Is your choice already taken? No one likes to have their hashtag “hijacked” and used for other purposes.
Rule 2: If it’s taken move on and think of something else.
Rule 3: The length! Keep it brief.
Rule 4: Be sure to define it.
Rule 5: Remember that Twitter isn’t the only one that uses hashtags! The majority of social media sites use them too.

Once you decide on a few choices look them up and see if they are already being used. If you are ready to own that hashtag you can quickly add the definition.

Define your hashtag in 3 easy steps!

Adding a new hashtag definition by @PamelaMKramer

The hashtags on #ARW or #ARenaissanceWoman were not yet defined. To further my brand I defined both hashtags. You can support my hashtag definition by voting it up using those handy arrows on the right side of the definition.

arenaissancewoman hashtag definition vote me up @pamelamkramer

You will notice another red arrow pointing to my name within the definition. Can you see what I missed? This site does not allow you to edit your definitions. Be sure to get it right the first time.

#ARW Hashtag Definition do not forget your brand by @PamelaMKramer

Luckily when I was defining #ARW I was able to catch my mistake and put the “.com” in the definition. Why wouldn’t I want people to find my site? This is a great tool for all those Twitter parties and chats.

Many people ignore the hashtags because they don’t know what they mean. You can help the online community by defining and voting on these hashtags and educate social media users. You can also help your brand by coming up with your own hashtag.

If you have found this branding article useful share it! What are your thoughts on hashtags? Share them with me in the comments.

If you have any questions or suggestions that you would like to see please leave them in the comment section below. To learn more simple ways to navigate your online projects visit more of my How To Tips <—-here!



    • says

      I certainly would and have. The definitions are compiled by users. That makes sense because we are the ones that make them up. I did find #mamavation completed. Also a lot of other familiar ones like #FF #TBT…

  1. says

    I shouldn’t be surprised that there is a whole website just for hashtags! I’ve googled a few to figure them out before but I’ll bookmark this site to help next time. I also have never thought about creating my own official hashtag. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Philip Griffith says

    Thank you so much! This whole hashtag thing was confusing since I’m not on twitter. And just so you know the social media sharing really works, I saw this from a FB post by Michelle Nahom who commented earlier.

    • says

      Excellent! I’m glad you found this article useful. That’s what I am for. I have lots of them in the How to Tips section of my blog. You might find more that will help. Have a great week. :)

    • says

      Me either but I have seen a lot of “hijacking” of hashtags. I just thought it would come in handy. :)

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read. I’m so happy you found this article useful.

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