Happy Dog Week – Paws for PTSD Help a Soldier!

Happy Dog Week - Paws for PTSD Help a Soldier!Hard to believe that this was 2 years ago! That’s when I met Shane Phillips. We teamed up in a group of four for the Spartan Race. He’s a great guy and we have kept in touch ever since. Thanks to Facebook I have watched his life go through some amazing changes. He’s now married with a baby on the way. Today he sent me a message. Just when I have doubts about what I’m doing something like this happens and I realize that my blog can be used to reach a wider audience. I can help a soldier!

Shane needs our help, not just mine but yours too. I’m pretty much going to stick with this until I know it’s going to happen. There are many men and women that have and are serving our country right now. It’s an honor for me to help give back in any way that I can. You might know someone that suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. Maybe you have an idea of just how serious this condition is and if not then I want to use this post to educate you. Shane made a video and I’m sharing it with you because it’s in his words and who better to explain his need?


“I’ve always been a “do it myself” type of person. Saying that, this process has taught me to ask for help. So, I’m asking for help. A little or a lot. Anything and everything helps. My family is my purpose and I will do everything I can to take care of them and not take from them. The process of selection, training, and certification of the animal takes approximately one year. Average costs vary from $1,000-$4,000 per animal. My dog will be a rescue animal because I firmly believe we all deserve second chances.”   “Sandy Wittliff (owner of K9Mutt training and president of Angel Paws)  has been a God send.  She has offered assistance in choosing an animal, training, and certification at reduced costs to me.” – Shane Phillips

What do you guys think? Do you know someone that suffers from PTSD? Do you know someone that has a service dog?

While researching for this topic because I wasn’t aware that animals could help a soldier with PTSD, I found other services like Soldier’s Best Friend. You can fill out the application but you have to be willing to train in Arizona for 6 months. I can understand how that wouldn’t be an option for Shane as a father of five. There are a many of these places. I had no idea but I’m glad the programs are in place and I’m glad that they seem to be working. Train a Dog Save a Warrior is based out of San Antonio and they display their work on Facebook. The photos are truly amazing. I really want some peace for Shane and I hope you do to. Every little bit helps so if you can donate big or small it’s going to help! I’m going to keep you updated on the progress of this story. For now there is a widget in right side bar. As you can see right now it’s at zero but there are generous readers and supports out there.

Help Paws for PTSD

 You can help spread the word by stumbling, tweeting, sharing or whatever way you can share with the people that you know. We can do this! Click here to donate to Paws for PTSD.


The VA no longer pays service-dog benefits to those who suffer with PTSD. So yes relying on the generosity of others is necessary.

You can read the latest article here at Military.com – News VA: No Service Dogs Warranted for PTSD Sufferers.

*Editor’s Update – Not only was this mission accomplished but Paws 4 PTSD has become a non-profit organization! Congratulations.