Google Communities Have You Started One?

The new Google products including Google Communities have been sort of a slow growth but those of us that relish in being a “beta tester” have already been on board. Until someone you know is using it then most likely you aren’t really interested. In the blogging world it would have to be someone really well known promoting it and then people begin to follow.

Google Communities Have You Started One?

I’m getting a few invitations to these new communities. There are so many! Some are open to everyone and some you have to request to join. With all of the social sites available we just can’t be every where, we have to pick and choose. I have joined a few groups but I’m very selective not because I lack interest but I really lack the time to commit. I have to take care of my people in “real life” first! So what say you? Are you a manager? A member? Do you think this will fade like many of the Ning sites?



  1. says

    I don’t think Google will fade. They have a long and well established history. However, with that said, I do think if they go over board and add too many things then yes they too will fail. I prefer Google Plus now over FB. It is a much better place for my needs. I don’t want games and a thousand different applications always sending me invitations. If that happens they will sink too just like FB is doing now!

    Great post…thanks for the link love!

    Happy WW! :-)

  2. Marie Moody says

    Google is definitely here to stay. They have too many things now & you get confused as to what you want to pick. I know I do. Much of it sounds to complicated already!


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