Family Traditions in the Fall

We have great family time in the pumpkin patch every fall. Don’t you just love family traditions? Our church hosts a pumpkin patch and each year that we have been members we have taken a shift to help sell the pumpkins. It’s a lot of fun. We get to take lots of pictures and the kids just love all the different shaped and sizes of the pumpkins.
Family Traditions in the Fall by @PamelaMKramer

They also host a movie in the pumpkin patch and show The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown every year. It’s such an awesome family tradition. Are there fall family traditions for your family too? Link up and share your favorite photo from this week.!

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A Renaissance Woman by @PamelaMKramer

  • Tina G
  • Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    I love that they host a movie in the patch. That’s neat~!

  • kidsenroute

    Visiting a pumpkin patch in fall is a family favorite! Especially if they have cider and donuts.

  • Stacy

    LOVE that picture! It totally cracked me up. :) Princess Nagger always comes with me to a local farm to pick out corn stalks and pumpkins to decorate the porches with – but I think your tradition is way better. :)

    A Foggy Start to Fall

  • angie lee

    I used to take my kids to the Pumpkin Patch as a tradition. I’m kind of sad that they are happy enough to just carve these days.

  • katies language cafe

    So happy to have found your WW link up tonight! Love your pumpkin picture~Katie

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