EntreLeadership in Houston,Texas with Dave Ramsey

What an experience this day was for me. Yes, there is an EntreLeadership book but the best way for me to absorb information is by leaving my house and being completely focused without interruptions. Dave and his team did not disappoint! As we went through the material I found myself identifying different people and businesses both in real life and online. It was a great exercise to learn more about myself and how I lead.

EntreLeadership in Houston,Texas with Dave Ramsey

EntreLeadership, Sales, Fear and Never Give Up!

While absorbing and applying my thoughts to the information they were giving me it occurred to me that even though at times I may not view myself as a leader, I am.  As a blogger, I lead with my voice and the content that I make available to the public. In business I lead with my knowledge and experience in blogging, social media, public relations and marketing. I

n my personal life I am a leader in my family. Now let me be clear here, my husband leads our family as a whole. This is agreeable by both of us. This is not to say that I sit back and have no role. My part is vital and I know this when I am not home to take care of things. Every Mother is a leader! We really do run our own mini corporations if you think about it. My husband is like a co-worker and we both have our leadership roles but our children seem to be little worker bees. We teach them daily and we lead them for better or worse. It amazed me how well these principals work in every aspect of our lives.

What is a leader? What words do you think of when you try to define a leader? To be a successful leader you have to remember that first and foremost people matter. In all things that you do, people matter! The bottom line can blur those lines. People in power positions can forget this simple idea. Leadership is a trickle down effect not a trickle up. If you are the owner and you have a person in management that is losing employees for you or they are unhappy you have to look at yourself as a leader. What are you missing?  How are you building unity?

One of the key components that stood out for me was the idea of building great organizations and creating unity on purpose. “Unity” this struck a chord with me because the concept is that you have a strong business when it is unified. That concept made me think of team building exercises. It brought me back to those organizational psychology courses taken while earning my Masters degree.

What makes a business fail at unity? I have seen this first hand sad to say. There are “enemies of unity: poor communication, gossip, unresolved disagreements, lack of shared purpose and sanctioned incompetence demoralizes the team and will kill unity!” Great employees will walk away when there is clearly no support or purpose. Hiring is an important process, don’t let the crazy in!

My favorite part of this has to be the “gossip” part because it is true that it breeds negativity and paranoia. The Ramsey way is to take your complaint to someone who can do something about it! If you gather co-workers who can do nothing about it? You are wasting their time. Dave gives you one warning and then you are fired. What a concept!

Successful business owners read, learn and grow personally. That’s not a secret is it?

Next is the art of selling by serving that was presented by Chris LoCurto. This part was really interesting. I had never thought about the personality of the salesperson or the customer. With my behavioral sciences background I should have known that it had been tested and made into a pie chart. Dominant, Influencing, Steady and Compliant are the options. Turns out I’m a “Mature Dominant” customer which means I make quick decisions and you have to sell to me in sound bites. I don’t respond to hard sells.

This made me think of my good friend Keith. This guys has sold me tons of stuff without me even knowing it. He studies a lot about personalities and different tactics so I’m sure he figured me out a long time ago. However, I have always liked his approach and it works every single time. Are you wondering what he does? He gives me a sample to try and he let’s the product speak for itself. Usually I’m working on a goal and he knows this because there is a group of us that are very goal oriented. He happens to have products that coincide with our goals. The pairing usually turns into a sale. When I heard the description of “Influencing” I immediately thought of him. However he is a better salesman than the description given today. Maybe they should study Keith.

Jon Acuff had to be my favorite speaker. Plain and simple the man has a gift. He’s really funny. He talked about the new marketplace which of course brings up today’s generation of I want it to be free, instant and small to digest. Competition is global but that doesn’t seem new to me. How do you navigate through a crisis? Don’t bite off on the next big thing, ignore the haters and fear! T

he biggest take away here? Ignoring the haters. The focus was how much we focus in on that negativity. We may have hundreds of happy people but the minute we get that one person that isn’t, we change the course! It’s “critic’s math” 1,000 compliments +1 insult = 1 insult. Oh this is so true. Personally this has been something that I have worked on a lot! Accepting a compliment. I have had to retrain myself. My voice in my head instantly disagrees with you but I have programmed myself to smile and say thank you! It’s a challenge every single time. That is all surrounded by weight loss. Spending many years of my life being over weight (no one really complimented me)  the only person complimenting me was my mother. God love mothers!

Compliments made me very uncomfortable inside. The more weight I lost the more people would say positive things. Inside my head there would be discussions but the more my trainer kept taking photos the more I would see it for myself. What I was doing was finally working and it seemed more acceptable to take in that compliment. Weird huh? I’m nearly comfortable in my own skin now. There are a few hiccups but I believe it’s the same concept. I can’t focus on my insulting inner voice or that would cancel out all the people who are nice enough to give me a compliment. They are very much appreciated, thank you.

Does the calendar rule you? We are working 163 more hours than we did 20 years ago according to Acuff. I believe this! Technology has made that possible for better or worse. We have to control our time. What is important to you is on your calendar because “time=love.” That blew me away! I’m on my own calendar, so I do value my health because I make that time for me. Do you know what your diamonds and rocks are? That was a fun analogy. Make your list, what is a diamond and what is a rock? You put the value on the diamonds. All of us do! We know what’s important to us but are our actions sending that same lip service?

Dave Ramsey ended the day with how good decisions are made. One of those that stood out for me was put in practice immediately after leaving the event. “Train your team to bring you several possible solutions not just problems.”

My family picked me up and as soon as I got in the car my son began telling me how his little sister  _________ (fill in the blank with a problem). Immediately I flipped around in my seat and said, “OK Now give me three possible solutions to solve this problem!” You should have seen the look on his little six year old face! Priceless I tell you. He began to think and he’s sobbing in between thinking.

Him: “You could tell her to stop!

Me: OK, that’s one

Him: “I could tell Dad:

Me: OK, that’s two

Him: “I could just ignore her!”

Me: ” That’s three! Very good son now which one should you pick?”

ROFL….freaking awesome!

That tip right there was worth the price of admission. You know I’m going to use that on all my kids from here on out. I’m going to raise a bunch of problem solvers and future leaders of the world. Go me! And now you too can use that nugget of gold on your own kids and raise even more problem solvers. Obviously there is a lot more content but this is what stood out for me.

Surprises: There were only three of us tweeting while the event was going on but by the second half there were more and by then my battery was dead. Every big event  has their sales pitch. I bought a lot of books. They came in a kit! I did pick up Quitter by Jon Acuff and I would LOVE to attend one of his seminars. He speaks my language.

The bigger sale is the Master Series EntreLeadership series in May in Nashville, TN. You get $500 off if you sign up today. That’s one week with Dave and you get to eat at his house!? WHAT!!!! How awesome would that be? Can I bring the kids? Is there childcare? Will his wife Sharon babysit? Who knows. I remain hopeful and determined to be done with Baby Step #6 by then.

Do you run a business? Are you a community leader? Do you have a leadership role? Then look for EntreLeadership in your area. There is a lot of good information to see and hear. You can also check out the EntreLeadership Podcast. Enjoy!

A Renaissance Woman by @PamelaMKramer

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  • ambermcginty

    As a fellow Entreleadership attendee, I think this is a great recap. I’ve been listening to the Entreleadership podcasts, & the event was very much an elaboration or extension of what I’m learning from there. I had two main takeaways yesterday.

    1. Gossip can’t be tolerated. It has no place in a championship team, & by saying “absolutely no gossip allowed” you are being intentional about creating unity in your team.

    2. You always have time for what matters most. As you mentioned in your post, time=love & you have to decide what are the diamonds & what are the rocks. Prioritizing, giving myself deadlines, & even something so simple as using a Google calendar can help me achieve my biggest goals.

    All in all, the Entreleadership event was well worth the money & time spent. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to better themselves–regardless of whether they see themselves as a leader or an entrepreneur. If nothing else, check out the podcasts!

  • http://www.facebook.com/houstonforthea Houston Forthea

    Great post! We are especially fond of the no gossip point. So much so that it has been a part of our company policy. It’s just a small part of what makes going to work so enjoyable. The Critic’s Math resonated with our team members that attended as well. Internet marketing and advertising are iterative service industries that demand continuous improvement. We always have to actively know that criticism will improve us.

    We just posted our (selected) takeaways from EntreLeadership as well. http://www.forthea.com/blog/2012/10/30/entreleadership-our-day-with-dave-ramsey-and-company/ – We enjoyed your tweets and conversation.

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