Duck Dynasty Manners

My family is a little late to the Duck Dynasty fan base. One of my favorite things about the show that I have noticed are the Duck Dynasty manners from the kids in the Robertson family. We have tried to instill manners in our own children. They will use them at times but it’s not programmed. Now that we have discovered Duck Dynasty on A&E we no longer have this problem.

Who said all reality tv is bad? Maybe they aren’t watching Duck Dynasty yet. When it comes to parenthood we have to monitor what our children watch. Is Duck Dynasty a good influence on your kids?

Duck Dynasty Manners by @pamelamkramer

Ducky Dynasty Manners can benefit the whole family!

Take it from me this method is working! My eldest son has picked this up quickly. It’s like music to my ears. Call it the way of the South if you will but I love it. He sets a great example for the little ones. They like to do what big brother does and why not work in some manners? When I was growing up we were taught to use them as well. It really does come in handy if you ask me. Adults are a lot more receptive to a child that can show respect. Maybe this is a location based idea?

When I was growing up my best friend was from the North, Ohio to be exact. When I told her mother “Yes Mam” she was insulted! It didn’t go over well at all. She thought I was being a smart mouth I guess. lol – My friend had to explain that this was the way of the South and we were raised to say “Yes Mam, No Mam, Yes Sir, No Sir etc.” That blew me away! I was terrified. My Mom didn’t tell me that people would be insulted. Maybe she didn’t know. Either way, as a Texan this is the way I choose to raise my own children. I’ll take the risk.

What do you guys think about manners? Leave me your thoughts in the comment section. This should be fun. 

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  • Stacy Uncorked

    Both Princess Nagger and Little Dude have been pretty good with their manners, particularly the “Please” and “Thank You” mode – however it seems as of late they’ve been a bit lackadaisical on them, so maybe we should jump on the bandwagon and watch Duck Dynasty! :)

    • PamelaMKramer

      Those guys crack me up!

  • Karren Haller

    I think teaching manners is a very important lesson for everyone, there will never be a time that showing good manners is bad. It shows respect for others, something that alot of kids do not understand. Just 2 manners; we always need to say please and thank you, takes 2 seconds.

    Thanks for the question, hope you have a great day!

    • PamelaMKramer

      Thank you for commenting Karren! It’s great to have your input. I agree with you completely. Please and thank you go a long way! It just shows kindness in your character I think. :)

      • Karren Haller

        Its much easier to get things done and is good for ones heart!!

  • OneDay

    I’ve never seen it, but it’s really great that they’ve learned something from the show. Pop culture offers a teachable moment! :) Happy WW

    • PamelaMKramer

      I agree! Thanks for stopping by.