Silly Butterfly Face

Our Silly is at it again! This time she got into her brand new markers and decided she was going to try her hand at a butterfly face. Look at her! She is beaming with pride. When my instinct is to get upset, I normally grab my camera instead.

I present to you “Butterfly Face.”

Silly butterfly face #ippp

The image above was taken with my iPhone but these below were taken with my Nikon without any edits. There are many images but these are my favorite. These looks, that sass and her action shots are so fun. Who pulls of a ballet dance costume with black chucks? She does that’s who! Silly butterfly face in action! on @pamelamkramer

She’s big on singing in the car. Enjoy the Call Me Maybe serenade.

It’s new!

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    • says

      Thank you! She really does add a lot of personality to our household. We just let her be her or try to most of the time. Every now and then we have to reel her back in. lol

  1. says

    She looks like she was having so much fun, and was so proud of herself! I wouldn’t have been able to get too upset either, and I think your instinct to grab your camera is really great.

  2. Greta says

    I LOVE the chucks and ballet combo! What a doll she is. Maybe you have a future makeup artist on your hands?

    • says

      Me too. She adds a lot of brightness to our home. lol – She could very well become a make up artist. Right now she is very interested in tattoos. I don’t know why. No one has any around here but they give them out at school and the grocery store.

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