Broken Links and The White Screen of Death!

All newbie bloggers do yourself a favor do not go the free route. Just bite the bullet and own your content on the front end. Every seasoned blogger will tell you this! Get your url, pay for the hosting and by all means just adjust to Word Press. Be like Nike and Just Do It!

Blogger was my home for 5 years with nearly 3,000 posts and tons of images. Did I pay someone to transfer my content? You bet, I did. Could I have done it myself? Maybe but I wasn’t willing to take the chance to find out. I have run into so many problems that have to be fixed. It’s taking me forever to get it back to the way it was and have I lost visitors? Probably.

I could be that speaker that goes into conferences and teaches all the newbie bloggers what NOT to do!  The first issue I had was my images didn’t transfer but was fixed with a plugin. Next, I needed 301 redirects and had to put another line of code so Google wouldn’t read my blogger content and count it twice and penalize me for having double content.

After adding the broken link checker plugin I had well over 600 broken links.

I didn’t have any kind of 3 column footer so I added it myself. It was working until I tried to center an iframe widget in my right side bar and it wouldn’t center. I tried every darn code there was but it wasn’t html it was CSS, good fun and another thing to learn.

When I tried to add custom social media icons on my site I was fooling around in the functions php file. BAD IDEA! REPEAT BAD IDEA! Stay out of that file unless you know what you are doing. I put in a simple </div> hit save and checked to see if that would stop moving my right side bar to the bottom of the page.

Instead I got the WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH!

What does that mean? My entire blog was gone. I couldn’t get into any of my Word Press options. I immediately contacted my Word Press gurus and after much trouble shooting I realized I didn’t have access to my CPANEL and I had to contact my host provider and tell him what happened. I threw my hands up because I knew this was bad. My need to learn and understand met my limitation and BOOM!

Thankfully my guy got right on it and of course as a friend he said,

“I’m just going to say this as a friend: if stuff like this happens in the future, it might be better to ask for my professional help before you spend a ton of time getting deeper into it and getting emotionally fried… and bringing friends in on the stress as well. I could have knocked this out for you really quick at any point, and I know money is tight for all of us, but there comes a point when you have to decide whether all of the time and stress you put into working on this part is worth $– or not. Just saying, I have the same types of issues when it comes to things in my life and I just try to look at it that way.

Should I spend 3 hours on fixing something around the house or whatever it is and get all mad and stressed, or should I spend that time doing something I enjoy and pay for a service? Doesn’t apply to everything, and I give you props for doing all that you do and learning all that you are, but I just had to say it because I don’t want you to be mad at your site, ya know?”

He’s so right! I just want to get this done. He brought my blog back to life and left me a list of things that were messed up. At least this would help me understand where I went wrong. But really the only stress comes from breaking it. I’m sure if I would just go take a class all the pieces would come together or I could just pay the money and leave it to the pros and be done.

In the mean time I get to fix all these broken links. Some I can fix but most I have to unlink!

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I read up on broken links and it looks like it’s something that can effect your page rank, SEO blah blah blah —–>All Signs Point To Fix It<——- So here is what I have found about broken links.

  • Many of the links are broken comment links. This means that the bloggers are long gone. They either changed their blogs from blogger to wordpress and there is no redirect or they left completely. Some of the users that disappeared shocked me because I used to read their blogs and they were heavily into blogging . I did some research on a few and found that yes, they are gone. Everything is closed.


  • Many of the links are broken that go to images! That’s right. You know when you go to another site and you want to use an image and you right click, copy image location and insert that url in your post as a photo? BAD IDEA. Once the person leaves their blog or someone makes changes to the website that link is gone. It’s better just to save it and upload it so you have the image. Now you can give link backs to the site and give credit but you won’t have to rely on someone else’s images that might leave you with broken links.


  • The other ones that I have run into have been wrong urls. Some of the links transferred with my url first, which was puzzling. For example instead of it being it would read – well that doesn’t make any sense at all does it?

Right now I’m around 317 broken links. What this means is that those posts that were based on images will most likely need to be deleted because there won’t be any real content there.

Maybe some of you can avoid this disaster. Many people tell me that once I get this all straightened out that I will love Word Press. The jury is still out. Wish me luck as I continue to battle my way through this mess.

Have you had any problems transferring your content? Let me know in the comments.

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