Birthday Week Extravaganza

Welcome to our birthday week extravaganza where we have birthdays four days apart. All he wanted was to have a Batman cake, a long list of toys and go to Main Event to play putt-putt golf and bowl. I’m not sure how my husband and I made that happen but we did. We really did have a lot of fun but we had to rush everything because it’s meet the teacher night.

Happy Birthday T-Rex by @PamelaMKramer Whoo Hoo! That’s right the little people are heading back to school on Monday. This Mutha is doing her happy dance! Oh yeah three hours to myself…. Sorry this is a Happy Birthday post to my big guy.

Is he just the cutest most handsome little boy or what? He’s so sweet and he just melts my heart but he does have a temper. I have NO idea where he gets that from at all, cough cough. Each year we try to do the combined birthdays for family and friends because they are so close together. However, on the day of my husband and I and the siblings will give gifts and have cake. They love it and it works for us so far so good. Today we fulfilled his wish at Main Event!

Main Event Glow Putt-Putt by @PamelaMKramer

I have to admit it is pretty fun! Each section glows a different color and we get a kick out of our clothes, shoes and teeth lighting up. Next up we got our bowling on. It was $35 just for four people to bowl. I think I’m starting to get old because all I kept thinking was when I was your age ______ fill in the blank. Who knows what he’s going to want next year.

Main Event Bowling with T-Rex by @PamelaMKramerOnly seventeen more days until the next child’s birthday and we are done for the year! At least we get some down time. I need a break from all this partying going on. Thanks for the support.

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