Beast Wars Crossfit Competition Ended

5 Fingers1.) Thankful that it’s over and now I can focus on recovery. I’ve been reading a lot of comments about all the photos from the Crossfit competition Beast Wars. I’m not Super Woman. Anyone can do it if they want to. I just wanted to. There isn’t anything super human about me. Just a strong will to do what I don’t know I can do. I love a challenge. I’m one of those people that likes to do something just to see if I can. I like to blow your mind. :)   I’m human and I have self doubt. It happens but I just don’t talk myself out of it because of fear. That leads to accomplishment. Nothing super human about it.

2.) Thankful that League City, Seabrook and Kemah helped me roll out the red carpet to welcome my partner Chris Donnelly. That was an amazing evening of good people coming together. It was a great small intimate crowd and everyone walked away feeling motivated. That’s a good thing! Special thanks to all the sponsors who helped make it happen. It was a lot of work! My family missed me and now it’s time to refocus.

3.) Thankful for all the lessons I learned about myself over the past few weeks. I learned a lot about how I communicate, how my friends come through for me, the level of trust that people have for me. It’s been eye opening. I know I can accomplish what I set out to do. I think there are a few more people out there in the world that just found this out about me.

4.) I’ve never had to wait in line to go the bathroom in my gym! I’m thankful that I don’t have to any more. However, I have to tell you it was really cool seeing all the different gyms come together for a cause. That was the coolest thing to see. I think we were all surprised to see how great of a turn out it was for Beast Wars. I hope they continue to do it again next year but maybe they could move it to October when it’s a little cooler outside. That was tough!

5.) I’m thankful for all the support from the people there! I would have liked for my family to be there but they would have been so bored waiting on me and it was too hot. They only saw the event through pictures. Thank you to all of you who took photos and shared them with me. It was great to read all the supportive comments. I can’t thank you guys enough for all your support. I love surrounding myself with amazing people. I’m going to keep having that standard.



  • DWYDiM

    I still think you are super woman 😉

    • pamelamkramer

      Well then I’m just going to roll with it.