Barbells For Boobs – Lifting for Mammograms

Grace Crossfit WOD

Crossfit Unity hosted this during November of last year. I remember this clearly but I must have blocked out my time. It really doesn’t matter! Barbells For Boobs is a great cause that allows the Crossfit community to help raise money for mammograms. Maybe you aren’t into Crossfit that’s ok. I can do the 30 Clean and Jerks for us and you can show your support by donating on my fundraiser page.

What the heck is a Clean and Jerk? It looks like this, don’t worry it’s a short clip that I found from last year. Thanks to Arizona!


It’s only 30 repetitions but depending on how much weight you put on that bar can determine just how hard it is to finish. The point is to finish and show solidarity the way you would a walk , 5K or 10K. The Crossfit community just happens to lift barbells.  These women go through far more than a Grace work out. It’s the least we can do, right? $80 represents one mammogram. I’m not sure how much you are willing to give but if I do reach that goal then I will get another cool t-shirt. Last year I got this one and it’s by far the MOST talked about t-shirt that I own. I really try to only wear it to the gym. When I wear it other places, well you can just imagine the awkward moments. Although the majority of the response is, “Cool Shirt!” the second is usually the person reading aloud, “Barbells For Booooobs.” Yep you have to really emphasize the “oo” sound when you read that. Crossfit Supports Mammograms

This year Barbells For Boobs Grace WOD will take place on October 13th all day at Crossfit Unity. Come in any time to get your Grace WOD on and save a pair. If you can’t make it then make a donation right here on my fundraising page. It’s a non-profit so you can get that tax break for your charitable contribution. It’s a win, win people! Let’s do this.