Pinterest Description Tip

Do you love to pin? Of course you do! One of the best Pinterest practices is to pin from the original source. If you use the Pin It book marklet tool, the browser extensions or social share to pin to Pinterest you might run into the same problem as I have, images without a description.

Pinterest Description Tip by @PamelaMKramer

Today I ran across an article about Why CrossFit is seducing more women. The group image of these amazing women was pin worthy in my mind and I wanted to add it to my CrossFit board.  I clicked on my Pin It tool and selected the group image.

The problem?

The description read “Screen Shot 2012-09-20 at 7:36:05 PM” and that doesn’t tell my pin followers anything about the original article.

Tips for Pinterest

I needed to find a quick easy fix! In order to do this next step I had to cancel my pin and start over.

Pinterest Description Tip

1. Take your mouse and highlight the title of the post!

2. Select your pin tool and choose the photo you want to pin.

3. You have just copied and pasted your way to a better Pinterest description by using the authors title of the post.

Pinterest Description
Now my followers will know what that photo is about and the article that it leads to. This method is more likely to get followers to click through to read the article sending more traffic to that site.

Easy fix don’t you think? Happy Pinning!

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