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Pamela M. Kramer at Chalk Monkey Crossfit

10 Benefits of Crossfit

Pictures... or it didn't happen! Working out at Crossfit gyms will get you use to having your photo taken whether it's good or bad. In all honesty it's a good thing because photos will show your progress. I'm a big fan of … [Read More...]

CrossFit Athletes and Reverie   Reverie

Houston + #SleepStrong = Reverie Winner!

My online followers, fans and friends "in real life" have been asking me "How do I enter to win that custom bed Pam?" Let me break it down for you because I want you to be a winner. How do I "#SleepStrong?" Simple, Crossfit!  That's my workout … [Read More...]


Pressgram Gets a New Sleek Design

Last year John Saddington was a guest on the Blog Elevated Twitter chat when I was introduced to his fun new app Pressgram. Since then the app has an entirely new look.You can get to the edit feature with a single swipe! The setting features a new … [Read More...]